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Lock Mortising Machine

Lock Mortising Machine

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Designed for quick, accurate and dust free mortising of doors from 30mm - 80mm thick. 1¼” to 3 1⁄8” .

The Makita 3612C electronic speed controlled motor allows for low speed operations and is capable of cutting through metal clad are doors with special cutters at the lowest speed of 9,000 rpm. Seek advice from Chant.

Variable speed reduces the noise level while still maintaining optimum cutting efficiency.

The machine is designed to be lifted by the lifting handle with the left hand, positioned on the door, and the clamp screws tightened with the right hand. Then operating the machine with the right hand on the crank handle.

Self-centering door clamps with protective face pads. These are a generous length to avoid marking the door surface, and are machined with “toe-in” so that they grip at the tips first, then over their full length as the clamps tighten.

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