Yamaha 2.4 kVA Inverter Generator (INSTORE PICKUP ONLY)

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generator Features: Brushless alternator Inverter voltage regulator Auto decompressor Electronic circuit breaker system Fuel level gauge Oil level warning system Pilot lamp Noise level suppressor Economy idle system (always on) AC plug DC charging cord Auto-Decompression System reduces compression for effortless starting. Electrical Overload Breaker prevents generator damage in case of overload. Controls Located On One Panel for easy access. DC Outlet with 8 Amp / 12 Volt outlet for charging batteries (cables included). Rubber Isolation Feet for smooth operation and noise absorption. Easily Detachable Side Panels for easier serviceability. Noise Block™ Sound Reduction System for performance so quiet, you’ll forget the generator is even running. Multi-Polar Alternator for the generation of high quality, high frequency 3-phase AC current. This means a much lighter and a more compact unit when compared to conventional 2-pole rotor type alternators.