Milwaukee M18GG-201B 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Grease Gun Combo Kit

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Milwaukee M18GG-201B 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Grease Gun Combo Kit
MILWAUKEE M18GG-0 18V LI-ION CORDLESS 2-SPEED GREASE GUN - SKIN ONLY - M18GG-0 Features: Delivers 10,000psi max operating pressure in a compact design Delivers up to 284g/min of flow rate. Precision injecting through pre-set grease counter dial. Flexible hose offers greater access to difficult to reach fittings. Air bleeder value for quick priming. Lock-on/ Lock-off trigger delivers added user convenience. Specifications: Voltage: 18V Operating pressure: 10,000psi Barrel capacity: 450g Cartridge Flow rate: 284g/min Run time: Up to 10 cartridges (450g) Pre-set grease counter: Yes 2 speed gearbox: Yes Tool length: 381mm Hose length: 1220mm weight: 3.4kg MILWAUKEE M18B2 18V 2.0AH LI-ION RED LITHIUM BATTERY - M18B2 Features: Sophisticated electronics: Milwaukee REDLINK Intelligence Overload protection prevents user from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations Temperature management system keeps battery in ideal temperature range to provide maximum life Individual cell monitoring ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life Up to 2X more run time, 20% more power, and Up to 2X more recharges Integrated weld frame Cell Separator Specifications: Battery type: Li-Ion Voltage: 18V Battery pack capacity: 2.0Ah MILWAUKEE M12-18FC 12V - 18V MULTI VOLTAGE RAPID BATTERY CHARGER - M12-18F Once again, Milwaukee is on the ball for providing the fastest charging solutions for tradies. With the ever-growing demand to charge batteries in both voltages, the new and improved multi voltage charger, M12-18FC, can sequencial charge a 12V or 18V battery up to 40% faster, increasing your productivity on the worksite. Features: Charges all Milwaukee® batteries up to 40% faster Charges all M12™ and M18™ batteries Sequencial charging REDLINK™ intelligence communicates directly with the battery REDLINK™ monitors cell voltage and temperature REDLINK™ charges to optimise the performance, protect and extend the life of the battery Specifications: Voltage: 12V & 18V Battery type: Li-ion Weight: 0.77kg Charge Time: 2.0Ah - 26 minutes 4.0Ah - 47 minutes 5.0Ah - 59 minutes 6.0Ah - 75 minutes 9.0Ah - 90 minutes
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